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Creamy Veggie-Filled Pasta

If you’re like me and get the occasional rogue craving for a decadent pasta alfredo dish, this recipe is for you. I’m not saying it’s the exact same thing, but this Creamy Veggie-Filled Pasta is pretty darned close. It definitely does the trick when the desire strikes. And believe it or not, blended up into the sauce are numerous veggies like carrots, celery, zucchini, and more. Blending veggies into a pasta sauce is one of my absolute favorite tricks for sneaking in more nutrients. Enjoy!

Recipe by @radhidevlukia

1 carrot, chopped
2 celery stalks, chopped
2 small fennel, chopped
2 medium zucchinis, chopped
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 tsp. hing
1 cup water
3 tsp. Herbamare
1 T tahini
1 T nutritional yeast
1 tsp. pepper
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Dash of chili sauce (optional)

1 package of Jovial GF spaghetti

1 T parsley, chopped
Chili flakes
Vegan Parmesan or Mozzarella

In a medium/large dutch oven, heat olive oil to medium heat. Add in all the chopped vegetables, coconut milk, hing, water, Herbamare, tahini, nutritional yeast and pepper. Stir well and cook with the lid on for 15 minutes. Then cook your gluten-free pasta while the vegetables are simmering. Once the vegetables are all cooked pour into a blender then add some lemon, a dash of chili sauce and blend till silky smooth. Stir in the cooked pasta into the sauce. Garnish with pepper, chili flakes, and vegan cheese. Enjoy!



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