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Detox Superfood: Asparagus

One of my absolute favorite parts about springtime is that feeling of renewal that comes with the subtle shift in seasons. There’s an energy in the air that makes you want to lighten your load and simplify your life. It’s the time for spring cleaning and shedding of all that no longer serves you.

Generally, this is point in the year when clients come to me looking for a plan to help rejuvenate their health. For me, spring is a time of deep cleansing. It’s a time to really step back and create space for new growth.

As a cleanse expert, I’m sure it’s no surprise that my own system is one of the first stops on my spring cleansing spree. This mission would be nothing without the ultimate springtime cleansing food: asparagus. Reaching its peak season in April, it serves as an excellent source of nutrients such as folate, zinc, selenium, prebiotics, and vitamins A +K. However, it’s the ability of this superfood to support the cleanse of multiple organs that turns asparagus into my diet dust buster.

Supports kidney function and promotes an alkaline environment

Asparagus contains a chemical called asparagine which acts as a diuretic and also helps clear the kidney of excess uric and oxalic acids. This helps flush the kidney of waste products. Our kidneys are also responsible for maintaining a proper pH in our bodies. Asparagus is incredibly supportive of the kidney’s ability to keep our system alkaline and out of the acidic disease state by enhancing their function.

Protects liver cells and enhances liver function

Asparagus has long been used in herbal medicine and one of its most prominent uses is as a hangover remedy. It actually has the ability to reduce alcohol toxicity and increases the enzymes used to break down other toxins in the liver. It also may have toxin inhibiting qualities meaning that it strengthens the liver’s ability to combat similar toxins in the future.

Detoxes heavy metals

Asparagus is high in chlorophyll which is a chemical vital to plant growth. Chlorophyll has the ability to bind with amino acids in order help detox heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The asparagus we see in stores is actually the first sprout of what is supposed to become a much taller tree-like plant. This means in contains incredibly high amounts of chlorophyll to suit the needs of its potential.

Lucky for my asparagus obsession, this versatile veggie can be crafted into whatever form suits your mood. From juice to soup here are my top 5 favorite ways to incorporate asparagus into my menu.

Asparagus Soup

One of my alltime favorite soup recipes is my Asparagus Soup with Lemon Zest. The mix of warm temp with cool flavor makes this the perfect springtime meal.


I’ll often add 5-8 spears of fresh asparagus to my morning green juice. It has a much more mild flavor than you’d imagine and is an easy way to get the additional cleansing properties. I have an easy green juice recipe you can make at home, with an added bonus…its ingredients have been known to boost your sex drive and the recipe is here.

Asparagus Pickles

Asparagus season can zip by. I love to pickle asparagus at the pinnacle of the season to get my fix later in the year. Check out my pickled veggie recipe for a quick how-to.

Salad Topper

I tend to crave cool salads as we spring into summer. Roasted, raw, or lightly steamed, asparagus makes for the perfect addition to a balanced spring salad. I love that you can turn it into a warm salad on cool days or cool it down as it gets warmer outside. Check out my Lemony Sorghum Salad with Asparagus or my Grilled Veggie Salad for some fresh ideas. I also love this Shaved Asparagus White Bean Salad from

Asparagus Fries

A super fun way to satisfy a craving for something a little salty and crunchy. Sometimes you need to switch it up a little from kale chips! Asparagus “fries” have a bit of a different flavor and texture. I often make them exactly as I would roasted kale chips. Simply spread on a cookie sheet, a drizzle of oil, a sprinkle of sea salt, 20 minutes and you have a perfect snack. You could also check out this recipe at to take it up another level with your asparagus fry game!




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