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Summery Kombucha Cocktail

This July 4th, detox while you retox with my favorite kombucha cocktail. Kombucha is a lightly fermented tea that is popular among everyone from health nuts to trendsetters. It’s tangy with just the right amount of fizz. I love GT’s Passionberry Bliss Kombucha because it has the perfect amount of sweetness and is filled with healthy probiotics. Paired with a little alcohol and a few other simple ingredients, it makes for the ideal summer cocktail. All it entails is:

4.5 ounces GT’s Passion Berry Bliss Kombucha
1 shot of high quality vodka or tequila
1 splash of pomegranate juice
2 squeezes of lime


Pour ingredients over ice, be sure to stir and not shake this one ;) If you prefer a lighter style drink, add club soda to taste. Garnish with fresh rosemary sprigs and enjoy!



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