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Summer Superfood Blend


I have come to realize that few things can pack in superfoods like a smoothie.  Especially when you’re using powders or capsules, tonics and extracts…it can get overwhelming.

I want you to feel comfortable making the choices that are right for you, and while I would like for everyone to have my favorite superfoods on hand at all times, I recognize that would be asking you to make a substantial investment. What I suggest is getting what you can as you go and over time you will organically create your own superfood supply.

This Summer Superfood Blend is the perfect smoothie to start your day with.  It has the bulk of my favorite superfoods, good protein, and retains its great taste as you add even more superfood supplements to it!  I took one of my favorite “Green Dream” smoothie recipes and added Goji & Schizandra extract as well as Camu Camu powder.  These ingredients spice up the flavor, giving it a citrusy finish.  The Green Dream protein powder, by Philosophie already contains an amazing blend of mesquite powder, spirulina, maca, hemp, and chia…simplifying this smoothie and giving you no excuse not to try!

Summer Superfood Blend

Serves 1


10 oz organic, plain almond milk

1 cup ice

1 medium banana,

peeled 1 cup organic spinach

1 T raw, organic, vegan Philosophie “Green Dream” protein powder

1 t organic, raw camu camu powder

10 droplets Goji & Schizandra extract (I use Ron Teegarden’s)

1 T organic Bee Pollen

optional: small handful organic goji berries

Directions: Add all ingredients into high powered blender (I use a Vitamix).  Blend well, until smooth.  Serve cold, add ice as needed

**If you’re looking for a major superfood kick, and are Los Angeles local, Erewhon Natural Food has a Green Goddess Ice Cream that is loaded with super foods: spirulina, chlorella, maca, mesquite, pumpkin seed oil, and bee pollen (among other things)



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