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In Memory of my Father: Choosing to Live in the Moment & Without Regret

This blog post is a bit more personal than most. I’ve always felt it to be beneficial for us to share our human experiences with one another, life is not just about green drinks and cleanses, after all. A little over a month ago, I lost my father, Karl Eller, to stage four thyroid cancer […]

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Flourless Orange Cake

It’s a blessing to not have a sweet tooth, but I live with a lover of sweet treats and over the years have learned to adapt several dessert recipes to be gluten free, lower in processed sugars, and sometimes fully vegan. A flourless orange cake seemed like a no-brainer, traditionally made with finely ground almonds, […]

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Cooking Oil 101

Recently a client told me they only use extra virgin olive oil, no matter what they’re making. I asked them to clarify whether they use extra virgin olive oil for high-heat cooking as well, and they said yes – extra virgin olive oil is the only oil they use.I thought this was very interesting, but more common than you might think. We often […]

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Try My Cafe Gratitude Salad “I AM CLEANSED” at Home

Café Gratitude helped me launch my career. They had just opened their first restaurant in Los Angeles and they asked me to put together a five-day healthy eating cleanse together for them. This is where I got my cleansing background. It was so meant to be, because I’ve been able to build a career on […]

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Are Bitter Foods Better?

When you sneak to the kitchen for a midnight snack, I bet you are craving something sweet or salty. Chances are, you overlook the more bitter foods as you peruse the pantry. It probably comes as no surprise to you that most people do not yearn for bitter foods, regardless of the time of day. […]

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Delicious Vegan Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

Pasta nights are always popular in my house and lasagna is always a favorite. The beauty of lasagna and plant-based cooking is you can make it absolutely delicious without animal products. I use nut ricottas with fresh herbs, brown rice pasta noodels, roasted vegetables, and a hearty sauce to create layers of flavor. Zucchini and […]

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Simple Coconut Yogurt

Simple coconut yogurt makes a healthy, high-fat breakfast or snack. If you want to take it up a notch, add some fresh berries (or cook them down with chia seeds), a sprinkle of hemp seeds or a gluten free granola and you have a delicious start to your day. This recipe is very mild on […]

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Tempeh Beet Burger

Do you have a favorite plant-based burger? My go-to used to be a black bean and sweet potato version, but after a few years of that being the one I went for, it’s time to mix it up! I began by testing some recipes and tweaking them to work for my tastes. This particular one […]

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The Truth About Lectins and Beans

Okay, first of all, what even are lectins? Depending on which health blogs or nutrition publications you have read, the word either has a positive or negative connation and both understandings are technically correct. Lectins are proteins found in many of the foods that we eat and are especially high in seeds, grains and beans. […]

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Buckwheat Salad with Turmeric Ginger Dressing

Despite the name, buckwheat is actually not related to wheat. It’s considered to be a fruit, although it mimics the texture and taste of grain and works well in cooking for a gluten-free lifestyle (it’s often processed with wheat products, so check label for GF). Buckwheat has a unique nutritional profile, it contains all eight […]

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