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Shaved Cauliflower Salad

We recently served this shaved cauliflower salad at a “Lunch with Elissa” and it took center stage of the family style meal. Using fresh cauliflower adds that perfect bit of fresh crunch and this dressing is so delicious you’ll want to keep it around all the time (double it up and keep in your fridge!). […]

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How the Right Foods Can Help you Detox

One of my absolute favorite conscious MD’s (and a major girl crush of mine) that I follow is Dr. Aviva Romm. She blends natural and modern medicinal techniques with the goal of helping women and children depend less on medication. She hosts a fantastic podcast called Natural MD Radio that I listen to regularly. One […]

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Garlicky Mashed Broccoli

Celery and cauliflower are having their moment, but let’s not forget about good ole’ broccoli. In a time when we’re reworking chicken wings into buffalo cauliflower, why not rework broccoli as a nutrient dense option for mashed potatoes? Broccoli is high in vitamin C (collagen builder and powerful antioxidant!) and actually tastes pretty damn good […]

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Announcing My New 7-Day RESET (at a Limited Time Launch Price)!

I have some very exciting news to share…I have been working on a new cleanse and it is finally ready for you. I have never done anything quite like it before and I cannot wait for you to try it out. I have put together 7 days worth of my absolute favorite and super easy-to-make […]

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White Bean, Arugula & Pesto Salad

Beans are a staple in my diet. They’re incredibly satiating with a great combination of protein and fiber. They are high in protein, have a low carbon footprint, and they provide both types of dietary fiber. In particular, the presence of soluble fiber lowers the glycemic index of the dish as whole and can support […]

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Why Am I Talking About Food-Based Supplements?

I am constantly experimenting with new vitamins, minerals and adaptogens, not only so that I can be the healthiest version of myself, but also so that I can better understand which ones may help my loved ones and followers the most. I have no patience for low quality supplements that contain fillers or fewer nutrients […]

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Creamy Chilled Avocado Coconut Soup

I’m a fan of soup in any form, so naturally this creamy avocado and coconut version stood out to me when it came time to test new soup recipes. You’ll find that it doesn’t need much, I encourage adding fresh herbs of your choice and experimenting with flavors. I added a touch of raw shallot […]

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Antioxidant Rich Creamy Coconut & Vegetable Soup

Another soup testing round for the spring recipes of my S.O.U.P. Cleanse and I’m sharing my most recent favorite with you before it even hits the delivery boxes.  Take a look at the ingredient list below and you’ll see frash garlic and ginger, combined with five veggies and leafy greens.  Cooking this way is one […]

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Raw Coconut Yogurt Kefir w/ Nut Crumble

I’m not a chef but as a nutritionist foodie, when I try something I love my instant thoughts are: what is in this? And can I make it at home?  I am in love with Erewhon’s lemon/lime coconut kefir yogurt which is made at the store.  If I could, I would have all my clients […]

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My Go-To List of Cleanse Supplements

If you’re going to spend the time, money and energy investing in your health through a cleanse or detox program, why not make the best of it?  I have spent hundreds of hours researching, testing and trying countless different supplements.  As a creator of cleanse programs, I feel as though I am really in touch […]

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