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Your Low Carb Diet May Be Harming Your Gut

When people think of carbs, warning bells often sound in the brain. We have been conditioned to fear carbohydrates as the doer of all evil: the macronutrient that contributes to weight gain. In some respects, that is not incorrect. Refined carbohydrates certainly pose a threat to health. They include foods like white rice and white […]

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Sugar: Not So Sweet for Gut Health

Sugar eaters: listen up! With all of the recent research on the gut coming to light over the last few years, you likely now know that the status of your gut microbiome is integral to overall health. With more than 500 species of bacteria living in or on the human body at all times, bacterial […]

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My Must-Have Collagen Supplement

As you probably know by now, I am obsessed with Further Foods’ collagen. Aside from all of the amazing health benefits that I have noticed over the years from using it (which I will get into shortly), I always recommend it to my clients because it dissolves quickly and without any gelling, so I never […]

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Cooking Oil 101

Recently a client told me they only use extra virgin olive oil, no matter what they’re making. I asked them to clarify whether they use extra virgin olive oil for high-heat cooking as well, and they said yes – extra virgin olive oil is the only oil they use.I thought this was very interesting, but more common than you might think. We often […]

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Are Bitter Foods Better?

When you sneak to the kitchen for a midnight snack, I bet you are craving something sweet or salty. Chances are, you overlook the more bitter foods as you peruse the pantry. It probably comes as no surprise to you that most people do not yearn for bitter foods, regardless of the time of day. […]

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Fermented Foods Strengthen Your Immune System

Many years into my own wellness journey, I still hadn’t jumped on the fermented foods train. As I studied gut health more intensely, I came to recognize fermented foods are probiotic powerhouses! Eating them daily is the one simple tip I pass along to all of my clients who are in desperate need of ways […]

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Broccoli Sprouts, Packed With Cancer Protection

I am always looking out for the nutrients and supplements that pack the most powerful punch in the smallest package. It’s this that makes a superfood “Super”. Today’s superfood is broccoli sprouts. Would you believe me if I told you that the sprout is 50 times more powerful in preventing cancer then the whole vegetable? […]

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Type-2 Truth

A high Fat and high sugar diet causes type-2 diabetes, right? Wrong. I read a fascinating study the other day and I could not wait to share it with you all because I think it will really blow your mind. This new study discovered some crucial information about the true cause of this disease that millions of […]

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