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Your Low Carb Diet May Be Harming Your Gut

When people think of carbs, warning bells often sound in the brain. We have been conditioned to fear carbohydrates as the doer of all evil: the macronutrient that contributes to weight gain. In some respects, that is not incorrect. Refined carbohydrates certainly pose a threat to health. They include foods like white rice and white […]

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Sugar: Not So Sweet for Gut Health

Sugar eaters: listen up! With all of the recent research on the gut coming to light over the last few years, you likely now know that the status of your gut microbiome is integral to overall health. With more than 500 species of bacteria living in or on the human body at all times, bacterial […]

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Fermented Foods Strengthen Your Immune System

Many years into my own wellness journey, I still hadn’t jumped on the fermented foods train. As I studied gut health more intensely, I came to recognize fermented foods are probiotic powerhouses! Eating them daily is the one simple tip I pass along to all of my clients who are in desperate need of ways […]

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Nature’s Healing Gold – Berberine

I’m alway telling anyone who will listen that nurturing your digestive system and “cleaning your gut” is one of the most important things you can do for weightloss, energy, mood, and over-all health. We are all eating way too much crap and experiencing “bad” bacterial overgrowth and now suffering the consequences with issues like metabolic […]

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