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My Recommended List of Additional Supplements

I recently wrote a blog on the supplements that I believe the majority of us should be taking every single day. The list includes supplements like magnesium, probiotics and vitamin D & K that are absolutely vital to everyday health and the majority of humans do not obtain enough of these vitamins and minerals from […]

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My Recommended List of Supplements for Everyday Use

As a health practitioner, the question that I am asked the most often is, “What supplements should I be taking every single day?” While it is ideal to get the majority of our nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our whole food, mostly plant-based diets, the reality is that there are certain nutrients that the majority […]

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Utterly Guilt-Free Banana Bread

This was one of the very first attempts to make a healthy, gluten-free, sugar free dessert. I had no idea what I had stumbled upon when I first made this completely guilt-free and nutritious vegan, sugar free, gluten free, GEM! I use quinoa flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar. I originally made this Banana Bread […]

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A Mineral Essential For Human Life

If you know my style, you know I’m all about the details. I’ve learned that sometimes the tiniest adjustment can lead to some of the most dramatic breakthroughs and results. When it comes to nutrition, I see this play out over and over again both in my own experience and with clients.   One detail […]

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Iodine & Thyroid Health

I received a lot of responses from my readers about my last blog post (Yay, success in getting the conversation started!). Your curiosity was piqued by my supplement routine, in particular how iodine comes into play. Some of you have heard conflicting information about iodine and thyroid issues. In my experience, supplementing with iodine rich […]

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Babalicious on Buckwheat

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a “get gorgeous” pill?  The only silver bullet is working from the inside out.  You have to eat  your way to shimmering beauty.  And eating buckwheat is a dazzling means to firm, hydrated skin, sustained energy, and improved digestion.  While normally used in place of grains, like rice or cous […]

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