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Sugar: Not So Sweet for Gut Health

Sugar eaters: listen up! With all of the recent research on the gut coming to light over the last few years, you likely now know that the status of your gut microbiome is integral to overall health. With more than 500 species of bacteria living in or on the human body at all times, bacterial […]

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Morning Delight

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned in this business, it’s that even people who like to eat healthy like convenience in food.  If freshly pressed veggie juices and raw salads were available like cheeseburgers and soda were, the American diet would be a whole different ball game.  When I have new clients come in, I […]

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‘Tis the Season to Cleanse

I know it’s tempting to just give into the many splurges of the holidays and commit to getting healthy when the rest of the world does it on January 1st.  Yet, now is actually the best time to cleanse.  Instead of treating yourself with cookies and stuffing, treat your body with a delicous and detoxifying […]

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Type-2 Truth

A high Fat and high sugar diet causes type-2 diabetes, right? Wrong. I read a fascinating study the other day and I could not wait to share it with you all because I think it will really blow your mind. This new study discovered some crucial information about the true cause of this disease that millions of […]

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Breakfast Boosting Acai & Granola Bowl

I am absolutely addicted to homemade granola.  I eat it for breakfast with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and snack on it all day, tossed with dried goji berries.  I recently was out to breakfast and had the most delicous and protein-packed acai bowl.  It was sweet and indulgent and kept me full all day.  In […]

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Swoon-Worthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding

I have been making this salad recipe lately that calls for a few ounces of silken tofu.  In a quest to not let the other ounces that come in the package go to waste, I decided to attempt this chocolate pudding.   It was unbelievably easy and with only five ingredients (one being water! ) I […]

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World’s Best Brownies

The best brownie I’ve had in years is made without gluten, flour, dairy or refined sugar. Believe it. It is truly amazing how delicious, moist and fudgy these turned out.  I had a client over the day and he mentioned that he was a “brownie guy”- he had been raised on his mother’s famously indulgent […]

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Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

I am right in the middle of moving house, and like it or not, it’s time to get my old pantry cleansed and my new pantry restocked. It’s something we should do with the change of every season. You want to be confident that when you open your cupboard, at your fingertips you’ve got  healthy […]

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Alternative Sweeteners

Eliminate sugar from your diet!  Sugar causes a person to gain weight, leaches calcium from to body, and destroys collagen.  It increases stress and impairs the adrenal glands’ functioning ability.  Sugar is addictive, toxic, and despicably snuck into almost everything we eat.  If you want to make an improvement in your health and loose weight, sugar […]

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