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My Recommended List of Additional Supplements

I recently wrote a blog on the supplements that I believe the majority of us should be taking every single day. The list includes supplements like magnesium, probiotics and vitamin D & K that are absolutely vital to everyday health and the majority of humans do not obtain enough of these vitamins and minerals from […]

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The Importance of Vitamin K2 (& Why We’re Not Getting Enough of It)

Pictured: Natto Fermented Soybeans (food-based form of vitamin k2) Whether or not you have ever taken a nutrition course, you have probably heard of vitamin K. If you are interested in health, you might even know that vitamin K falls under the category of essential fat-soluble vitamins that remain stored in the body for a […]

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My Recommended List of Supplements for Everyday Use

As a health practitioner, the question that I am asked the most often is, “What supplements should I be taking every single day?” While it is ideal to get the majority of our nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our whole food, mostly plant-based diets, the reality is that there are certain nutrients that the majority […]

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Why Am I Talking About Food-Based Supplements?

I am constantly experimenting with new vitamins, minerals and adaptogens, not only so that I can be the healthiest version of myself, but also so that I can better understand which ones may help my loved ones and followers the most. I have no patience for low quality supplements that contain fillers or fewer nutrients […]

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