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Are These Entertaining Health Podcasts on Your Radar?

I really do not know what I did before podcasts became so popular. I absolutely love throwing one on whenever I am taking a drive to visit a friend, running an errand and do not feel like tuning into the chaos around me, cooking dinner, or even just relaxing with a glass of wine on […]

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While I understand that new beginnings are much needed and I welcome them in my life, the “New Year, New You” campaign doesn’t sit very well with me. The emotional stages of a point in time ending and newness on the horizon can run the gamut of exciting to depressing. For me, it’s about embracing […]

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Lessons in Gratitude

I see this tagged all over town, “What are you grateful for” and it is even in the name of one of the hottest vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. The answer should come easy, right? We are blessed in ways beyond the grasp of most people in this world. It should be effortless to list what […]