I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the gift that you gave to my wife and I. As you know I am a Leukemia patient who has been struggling with the disease for over 15 years. The Cleanse program that you gifted us was the most amazing jump start to health I could imagine. Not only have I lost approx. 20 pounds in the 21 day cleanse, I have learned how to prepare and take care of my nutritional needs. When I went to see my Dr.’s last week all of my number had improved tremendously from cholesterol, blood pressure blood sugar and even more phenomenal my immune numbers have risen. It is clear to me that this is my new lifestyle. Obviously I don’t have to stay on a life long cleanse but I know how to modify my in take. Thank you for the gift of a fresh start at health. Love and Light,

– Robbie S.

I am feeling great! I lost those 10 last pounds and feel light and fabulous. I will share a pic, I am a very young 62! I am still eating well and still juicing, making new recipes each week. Everyone is commenting about how great I look and feel! I share with them about the cleanse, it was a bit difficult at first for me, but now I got the hang of it. Thank you so much for all your support during this time! I so appreciate you and all you have done for me! With gratitude and appreciation.

– Sherri Jaye

This program was perfect for me!! Although, I have to say, I am used to eating pretty good, organic pretty much most of the time when I cook at home, so it wasn’t as hard for me as some people had mentioned to make a transition. I have a juicer, so I just made my juices all in one batch twice a week. I did notice that by last week I felt pretty great, I don’t know if it was placebo effect, but I have been in a positive state mentally, and I do feel like my skin looks better, that may be due to me cutting out a lot of my coffee intake, and this time I did stay off of gluten and dairy the WHOLE time, it was hard the first week, but I did get used to it. I have told a couple of my friends about this to try, I think smarter than just juicing only!

– Courtney

Elissa’s 21 Day Cleanse changed the way that I thought about food. Not only did it help me lose weight, but more importantly it taught me to be more aware of what I put into my body. Now when I go to the grocery store, I happily avoid the “middle” aisles and only shop in the fresh produce aisles. I also am sure to buy organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Another amazing thing that the cleanse did for me was to help me conquer my fear of cooking. Before the cleanse, I rarely cooked at home and was a take out food junkie. Elissa’s cleanse recipes were easy and very tasty. I now cook almost every night and love it! The cleanse made me realize that the way I feel is a direct result of what I put into my body. My view of food, diet and health is forever changed for the good as a result of Elissa’s 21 Day Cleanse!

– Lindsey Ascher

I am LOVING this cleanse! I feel great on it…even without coffee!! I have another friend starting today and I will recommend it to everybody. I already mentioned it online on FB. Thank you for everything! THIS is a program that I have always wanted but never found!

– Christy Dimitriades

The detox has been great for me in several ways. It has been an awesome nutritional reset after an emotional holiday season. This Christmas, my family was dealing with the one year anniversary of my father’s death-from cancer of course. I allowed myself a lot of comfort eating and indulgences/compromises that made getting along with family and friends at the table easier. By the end of December I was exhausted. The stack of tins containing home made cookies, toffee and Italian cakes was completely ransacked and my pants were all uncomfortably tight! The craving for chocolate and sweets was literally unstoppable and my energy and mood swings were worse than ever. Cutting sugar completely was the only way for me to do it. The structure and accountability of the detox kept me focused. The constant preparation of tasty food and snacks kept me eating and allowed me to step away from sweets and the occasional drive thru without feeling the desperate cravings I have experienced when cutting sugar from my diet on my own. I have surprised myself by losing 13 pounds of tire around my middle and not really missing the sugar. In addition to your daily e-mails, I have focused on articles, people and places that actively encourage me to stay on course and away from the foods that were doing the most damage for me personally.

– Mark D.

It has been transformational to see that I can shop for and cook my own meals every day if I prioritize the time for MYSELF. The meals, combined with the supplements (especially the Philosophie products and E3 Brain-On magic!) have provided me with more energy and focus which has allowed me to get more work done and go more places (with a better attitude) even though I am spending more time cooking than I thought I ever would do for myself. It has been a surprising and welcome change.

– Cortney Wilson

It has provided me with a sense of calm confidence and control over a major aspect of daily life-food! I have always had trouble sticking to self guided programs for any kind of habit/behavior change. Having completed 21 days of a program so deeply concerned with an all day every day part of life-eating!- has given me a boost of confidence that I intend to take into other areas where I want to focus, clarify and improve my efforts over the course of this year. Before I turn 50 in September!! I think you are on to something great Elissa. I have passed on your info and, as I said last night, the black bean patties and the soup were in eliciting ooohs and aaahs from the food sensitive and the carnivores alike at my friend’s house last night!

– Michael Ciofolleti

I had been diagnosed with SIBO and had been suffering for over a year after my diagnosis, but honestly, I hadn’t felt right for at least a year and a half before that. Uncomfortable all the time (if you know what SIBO does to you?), and overall feeling of being down and depressed due to so many restrictions and opinions of several different doctors. When I came to Elissa, I was at my bottom and didn’t know what to do. Working with Elissa was an incredibly life changing experience. It took some tweaking, several times, to get the right supplements down for my body and to make food adjustments, but Elissa worked with me the entire time. She committed to me and it worked! I recently received a negative reading for SIBO. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good, it is life changing, I feel happy, and I it was worth every effort to get myself back to feeling this good again. I had forgotten what it was like!! I am going to remember this feeling and read this statement when I lose my motivation, the way I feel now is so worth it. I have made it a life style change, which does take the effort, but gets easier as you commit to it, now I have an entire wellness community that I actually trust.

– Jessica

Elissa re-shaped my entire outlook on nutrition. I had wrecked my metabolism for several years, dealing with personal eating issues and not taking care of myself, so I could be thin. When my habits backfired on me, I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did, my thyroid was completely out of whack. I came to Elissa in desperation, but I wish I would have visited her years earlier, so I could have shaped better eating habits that wouldn’t have left my metabolism so destroyed, but I was young and dumb, I didn’t realize what was happening to me. It was not an easy process!!! I had to change my thinking, and I am forever grateful that Elissa also referred me to work with another healer who went deeper on my emotional issues as well and also I started seeing a thyroid specialist that Elissa used herself. It was a team effort, It took almost three months, before I started to feel a difference, and after that I was able to lose the weight that I couldn’t before, I see results, I wasn’t able to for four years. If you have destroyed your metabolism or have thyroid issues, I think working with Elissa will change your life.

– Miranda

I don’t know what to say! I can’t believe Elissa put up with me for as long as she did! I am one of those people who take a long time to get everything, and Elissa was so patient and stuck with me and actually stayed on me (which I needed). When I came to her, overweight, not able to lose my baby weight (yes, almost two years later, so at this point toddler weight! haha), I knew something had to change, I complained all the time, but still I tried to give up several times. I cannot say enough about how Elissa motivated me, she did not let me slide, I FINALLY realized that if I just listened to her, it would work. The first week that I fully listened to Elissa, which took me three weeks into our program. I actually lost 4 pounds, and another 2 in the fourth week. I am down 14 pounds in our 2 months. If I had started out stronger, I believe I would be at least five more pounds lost. I know it’s not about the weight, but for me it really was, the extra weight was what was making me feel so awful and depressed. My husband is very happy to have me back, I am going to keep going. I have transitioned into the post 6-week plan, and it’s actually so much easier than I used to think! Xoxo

– Lauren Weissman

I LOVE this cleanse. You have no idea how much. I feel FANTASTIC! I have felt crappy for weeks and I could not get rid of it. I feel wonderful. I want to eat like this for the rest of my life.

– Cara E.

My life has changed! I feel so incredible after 5 days on this cleanse, I have more energy than I did as a child. I loved the combination of the raw and cooked foods, I don’t know anything about macrobiotic so I was happy for all the information, I feel as though I learned a lot and totally changed my health. Can’t wait to do it again!?

– Margie D.

Was this seriously a cleanse? I have never eaten better! I have ton lots of cleanses and I’m always starving and angry. This cleanse left me plenty nourished, refreshed, energized and happy. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone.

– Chris H.

The M Cafe cleanse is the best one in town! Not only was the food delicious but it was also more filling than other cleanses I’ve tried. M Cafe went out of their way to make sure we had a good experience and Elissa Goodman and her team were very responsive to our questions. The best part? I lost 4 lbs that I’ve actually kept off since the cleanse. Whether your goal is weight loss, mental clarity, or just general health, I highly recommend the M Cafe cleanse.

– Damona “Dear Mrs D” Hoffman

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