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4 Steps To Choosing The Right Multi-Vitamin


I don’t mean to scare you, but sometimes I’ve got to be sure you are informed about some harsh realities. We live in a toxic world. In our air, food, water – we are constantly bombarded by mold, petroleum products, industrial solvents, fluoride, chlorine, and airborne carbon waste.

The toxicity causes decreased nutrient density of our food. These days it’s almost impossible to get all of your nutrients from food alone!

Before you panic, there’s a simple solution to make sure your body is getting the nourishment it needs:

Add a daily organic, whole-food power SUPPLEMENT.

But how do you choose the right one? It can be totally overwhelming to choose one of thousands of options at your health food store. So, I’ve come up with 4 things to look for in order to choose the best multi vitamin.

1. Choose natural over synthetic.

Natural ingredients are sourced from real whole foods, while synthetic ones were manufactured in laboratories and factories. That just seems like a no-brainer!  The big reason to go natural that few know about is that vitamins work together synergistically in their natural state, but NOT when they are synthetically derived. The natural state allows your body to interact with the other vitamins for maximum absorption and benefit.

2. Make sure the label has one of these phrases:

Whole food multivitamin

All ingredients derived from whole foods

Derived from whole, organic fruits and vegetables

Marketers are tricky and labeling is confusing, so make certain that one of these phrases appears on the packaging to guarantee it is the best option.

3. Opt for the longest number of ingredients.

 Now, I know this is the OPPOSITE of my advice for choosing packaged foods!  But in this case, the longer the list of ingredients, the BETTER!  Whole food-based multivitamins always have waaay longer lists than their synthetic competition.

4. Reach for the raw.

 As always, the raw options are the best for your body, and have the most micro-nutrients, making them the most desirable option.

Still feeling overwhelmed?  I’ve made it even simpler!  I’m sharing FIVE of my favorite multivitamins on the market right here:

1) Emerald Laboratories Multi Vit-A-Min Complete (1-A-Day)

This brand boasts a gluten-free formula with no additional additives of any kind. This product also contains Albion™ Mineral Chelates – the absolute Gold Standard in mineral chelates!

Aditionally, all Ultra Laboratories products are made and used by Dr. Stengler in his medical practice in La Jolla, CA where he does blood panels on his patients, thereby validating the effectiveness of the formulas.

Buy here.

2) Innate Response Formula One Daily

Some supplement companies have their own manufacturing facilities, but very few actually have an in-house lab to test all of their finished products for potency assurance.  But- Innate does! They also support 3rd party testing. It makes sense to have an outside company validate the in-house testing that the company is doing, and Innate agrees!

 Buy here.

3)  New Chapter Only One Whole-Food Complexed Multi-Vitamin

New Chapter has a long history of satisfied, healthy consumers. Their one-a-day supplement is an entirely whole food complexed vitamin, free of herbs or spices for those who prefer non-herbal products.

Buy here.

4) MegaFood One Daily

MegaFood is a pioneer in the natural products industry, as the first company to make vitamins from scratch from farm fresh whole foods. They are a wonderful company to support, with whole, nourishing products.

Buy here.

5)  RainbowLight Certified Organics Men’s or Women’s Multivitamins

Rainbow light was the first supplement brand to use Eco•Guard® bottles made from 100% recycled, 100% recyclable material, which are both FDA-approved and BPA-free!  These Eco•Guard bottles have reduced their company’s bottle carbon footprint by 92% and keep millions of plastic bottles from landfills annually. A very green supplement for the environmental activist!

Buy here.

With the addition of a daily supplement, you can rest assured that you are being proactive in choosing a conscientious, nutrient-rich lifestyle.  Studies suggest that you may even add several years of healthy living to your life.  Join me in enjoying those years!






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