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Thrive: Live Your Optimal Life

My life motto in this moment “You are meant to thrive, not just survive.”

I know you can relate. You probably have too many days, where you crash into bed, wondering how you made it through the day and how you are going to make it through the next one.  Those days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, and before you know it, years have gone by before you realize that all you have been doing is surviving.

Your relationships aren’t what you wanted, how you feel about yourself isn’t great, and you are watching life pass you by. There may be no life changing wake up call, but over time the emptiness will wear you down.

I’ve been there, I spent many years emotionally drained and living in fear of facing changes I needed to help me thrive.  Somewhere along the way, I reached a breaking point.  My desire to change finally outweighed the fears.
I made a conscious choice that I would begin living my optimal life, but it wasn’t easy.  It has been the most difficult and rewarding journey I have ever taken.

A big part of that change was no longer letting fear hold me back.

This life changing experience has improved every part of my life  I’ve worked through a lot of shit to put it lightly.  My relationships have improved, I’m no longer dealing with health issues that plagued me my entire life. I’m a better mother, a better person, I feel more motivated and more passionate about life than I have ever felt.

I’m thriving and I want to share this energy with you! The Universe connected me with the right people at the right time with an amazing opportunity to create a full day retreat beautifully curated by BIRDSOFEATHER. I’m bringing in my A-team Thrive Team, the experts you want in your corner….we’re covering mind, body, and soul.

Energy healer Alessandro Gianetti will start the day with a guided meditation and energy clearing.  The dynamic yogi, Joe Kara will lead a chakra balancing restorative yoga session. Alisa Gould-Simon of Flora Luna will teach you how to use Flower Essences to heal and teach you to create custom tinctures. My nutrition talk will be all about optimal health from the inside out. You will be nurtured with plant based, organic foods sourced from Erewhon Market and walk away with products from my favorite brands.

This will be a magical day.

The only question is, are you ready to THRIVE?





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